Fine prepared Morocconites Malladoides trilobite, Morocco – 7,3cm


The matrix contains a very fine prepared Morocconites Malladoides trilobite with a larger size then average. The trilobite itself measures 7,3 cm in length.

Found in Hamar Lagdad Limestone formation near Ofaten, Morocco.

The object is from the Mid Devon, about 410 – 360 million years old.

Shipping will be very well packed and the specimen itself is in a protection box.

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Morocconites malladoides is an average size (about 5 centimetres or 2.0 inches) trilobite, which lived during the Devonian period, in what is now southern Morocco. This species is assumed to be a close relative of Acastoides. The most conspicuous feature is the very long upcurved frontal medial spine, a bit like an avocet bill. It is the only known species in this genus (i.e. the genus is monotypic).