The Natural History of Aquatic Insects – Miall, Professor L. C. / Signed (1912)


395 pp. B/w illustrations
 The Natural History of Aquatic Insects
Publisher: Macmillan, London
Publication Date: 1912
Binding: Hardcover
Condition: Very good

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This exceptional book about the Natural History of Aquatic Insects is signed by the author and therefore quite unique.

Excerpt from The Natural History of Aquatic Insects:

The conditions of life in fresh waters are materially different from those afforded by the sea. The chemical difference between fresh and salt waters is of small importance in itself – so small that many animals have been able to adapt themselves gradually to a change from one to the other. A degree of saltness far greater than that of sea-water is perfectly compatible with animal life, as is shown by the fact that Crustacea and Insects are often found quite at home in brine-pits and vats. There are even a few animals, like the Salmon, which can pass suddenly from fresh water to salt, or from salt to fresh.