Our Passion - Nature, Education & Arts

Our passion comes from our knowledge of nature and the fact to educate people about the beauty of it. Combined with our creative craftsmanship, interest in entrepreneurship and wide scientific expertise in nature, we started the Natural History Curiosities.

  Our mission is to show the beauty of nature to the public 

  Our goal is to educate the public about nature

  Our vision is being a fairtrade and nature friendly company

Our Team - Dedicated, passionate experts

Willi Van Boven

Owner, artist, expert

Willi has an expert knowledge of nature in general. Next to wildlife photographer, insect mounter and creative artist, he also has the entrepreneurship in him which enables the fact to network all over the world. He has a wide network of people in all kinds of nature activities including taxidermists, national geographic journalists, wildlife photographers and nature conservation specialists. His biggest passion is studying cetaceans and participating in conservation expeditions which he participated in in Norway, Finland, Canary Islands, Azores, Maldives, Egypt, Canada, Malaysia... He also regularly goes on expeditions for minerals and gemstones and has a large collections with several unique specimens.


Tom Van Boven


Tom Loves travelling and exploring. Discovering the world and all its facets is his drive. Whether to learn about places, people, culture or nature, facts or stories, equilibrium or contrast, it all enriches life, true richness. Following this opportunistic principle together with a multi-lingual backpack, the planet has already revealed some of its most beautiful but sometimes fearsome secrets to him: from the tropics, the desert to frozen lakes, as well as hurricanes, volcanoes and landslides. Tom has awe for nature in its full, but most of all a passion for underwater life.
Now living on the Island of Eternal Spring and many contrasts - Tenerife -, a new chapter started.

Atlantic Expert

Your Questions

Yes! We pay very much attention to our sources to work with. None of the natural elements are taken alive from their environment. All products are gathered without harming the environment. Minerals come from official quarries, shells and other ocean elements from beaches or farms and not taken while diving their natural environments, insects are coming from official breeders as are the products in the feather category, they all come from aviary or roadkills... For none of our products, animals where killed on purpose!
Yes! Our intention is to cover all countries in the world. However, since logistics are not always that easy to manage, we are constantly expanding our shipping territories. Since we work together with an international logistics player, we fully rely on professionalism of them.
Yes! We try to find local projects as much as possible to support. The largest project in any case is that we are completely fair trade. The people we work with all over the world, are paid correctly according to their local way of living and respecting their environments. We buy from farmers and breeders directly without having large trading enterprises as a middle person! Find some of our supported projects in our blog articles
Off course! As this is one of our main missions, we try to find only organisations that fully comply with the rules of nature conservation. one of them is the Kipepeo project in Kenya (http://kipepeo.org). Kipepeo (Swahili for butterfly) is a community based enterprise that supports the livelihoods of people living around Arabuko Sokoke forest in coastal Kenya, East Africa; This provides an incentive for their participation in the conservation of a forest with high biodiversity and endemism. Kipepeo seeks to demonstrate the tangible link between conservation and livelihood.

Unique wildlife pictures

The nature pictures we sell are uniquely provided by Nature Stock, owned by wildlife photographer Willi Van Boven, also the owner of Naturalhistorycursiosities.com. All pictures are made during ecological wildlife expeditions. During the expeditions, local organizations are supported and a scientific value is created as well by supporting the research to the animals. More information can be found on Meetchum Photography & Nature Stock.