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The blue beauty, Aquamarine

What is Aquamarine? The name “aquamarine” is derived from two Latin words: aqua, meaning “water,” and marina, meaning “of the sea.” Aquamarine minerals and gemstones are a variety of beryl. Its color is blue to greenish blue or pale blue. It comes in shapes of rough pieces to beautiful hexagon crystal both. The Crystals can …

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Corona virus - Natural History Curiosities remains open

Our webshop remains open during the COVID-19 crisis

Dear valued visitors, the developments related to the corona-virus (COVID-19) crisis are moving at an unprecedented rate and are currently causing many unanswered questions. It is therefore important to us to inform you shortly about how we deal with the crisis here at Natural History Curiosities. Our webshop remains open 24/7! Our shipping service providers …

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Petrified Wood Indonesia

The rise of petrified wood in Indonesia

What is Petrified Wood? Petrified wood is the fossilization of plant materials, mainly woody stems, trunks, and roots. When a freshly toppled tree is covered with ash or other oxygen-depriving materials, the process of decomposition is halted. Instead, the process of permineralization slowly replaces the organic constituents over time. After millions of years, movements in …

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