Petrified Wood Indonesia

The rise of petrified wood in Indonesia

What is Petrified Wood? Petrified wood is the fossilization of plant materials, mainly woody stems, trunks, and roots. When a freshly toppled tree is covered with ash or other oxygen-depriving materials, the process of decomposition is halted. Instead, the process of permineralization slowly replaces the organic constituents over time. After millions of years, movements in …

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The fascinating world of trilobites

The fossils of small segmented animals had been known to humans for centuries, but for most of that time, no one was really sure what they actually were. Their durable armored exoskeleton and habit of moulting ensured that they were easily fossilized and discovered by people hundreds of millions of years later. Some Native American people used Elrathia fossils as amulets and back in 1679 the first scientist to study Ogygiocarella thought it was a flatfish skeleton.

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