White-spotted Hermit Crab – Dardanus megistos – 15cm


Due to the fragility of the specimen, this is preferably picked up.

Total specimen including shell is 15 cm at its longest.

Resin block is not included!

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A well preserved, deeply red coloured Dardanus megistos or the White-spotted Hermit Crab from Bantayan, Philippines. D. megistos is one of the largest species of hermit crabs in the world and also the most colorful one.

The specimen has the internal abdomen removed for better preservation and was re-assembled with their respective shell-housea Tonna shell 112 mm.
Extremely decorative critter for the cabinet or bookcase or can be mounted in a display.
The specimen is nicely preserved with the finer details and carapace hairs, deep and shiny reddish coloration with characteristic white spots mainly visible on the legs. Minor imperfections to the finer tentacles, not harming the beauty.