Walnut print frame with giant forest ant (Camponotus gigas)


Frame size is 20 x 15 cm with a walnut print and a black inner frame.

Air sealed protected and ideal for hanging on the wall or standup on a table.

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Camponotus gigas Latreille 1802 (subgenus Dinomyrmex),is one of the largest ant species of the world living in the South- East Asian rain forests, from Sumatra to Thailand. Its habitat ranges from peat swamps of the mangrove forests up to the mountain forests at 1500 m above sea level. In South Borneo it is replaced by Camponotus gigas ssp borneensis, a subspecies with yellow legs.

Camponotus gigas is a central place forager which has a polydomous colony structure, and combines efficient communication, ergonomic optimization, polyethism and effective recruitment systems to optimise its foraging yield. A subcaste of specialist transport workers carries food from peripheral nests to the central nest of the queen ( Pfeiffer and Linsenmair, 1998).