Real Lantern bug (Pyrops whiteheadi) with vintage illustrations from Charles d’Orbigny


A shadow frame with real lantern bug (Pyrops whiteheadi) including vintage illustrations from the famous Dictionnaire universel d’histoire naturelle from Charles d’Orbigny.

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Pyrops is a genus of planthoppers that occur primarily in southeast Asia, containing about 70 species. They are fairly large insects, with much of the length due to an elongated, upcurving, snout-like projection of the head. The wings are generally brightly patterned in contrasting colors, and they are popular among collectors.

The frame contains an image from the famous Dictionnaire universel d’histoire naturelle de Charles d’Orbigny with some lantern bugs and the originally drawn Pyrops has been replaced by an actual specimen that has been described on the page in the original book that was created between 1841-1849.

The frame size is 22,4cm x 27,6cm created from plastic and wooden layer, hard board, iron pins and UV protection glass. It is foreseen with a pressed clipping system of 4 hooks that securely seals the frame airtight as a protection of the specimen insight.