Wooden frame with real Lantern Bug (Fulgora Pyrops) & illustrations


Unique wooden black frame containing vintage scientific sketches of a Lantern Bug (Fulgora Pyrops), including a real specimen. It is also 99% UV blocking for the protection the specimen.

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The frame size is 18cm square format, containing 99% UV blocking glass, in the back it is completely sealed with entomological tape as well. The frame is made from 100% ecological wood.

Pyrops is a genus of planthopper that occurs primarily in southeast Asia, containing about 60 species. The genus name of Laternaria has been used by some authors, but this name was published in a work that was suppressed in 1955 by an official declaration of the ICZN . The type species is Pyrops candelaria. They are fairly large insects, with much of the length due to an elongated, upcurving, snout-like projection of the head. The wings are generally brightly patterned in contrasting colors, and they are popular among collectors.

In the genus Pyrops the names of the species follow the rules of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature; that is, since the name of the genus is masculine in gender, the adjectival species epithets in the genus would be given in their masculine form (e.g., subocellata would become subocellatus; candelaria is a noun, however, and does not change to candelarius), though numerous authors have consistently (and incorrectly) treated them as feminine. Under the present rules, generic names ending in -ops must be treated as masculine regardless of the original usage

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