Unique scarab mosaic frame with 17 specimen


Frame is made of wood, has a black color and the size is 27cm x 27cm and foreseen of a stand to put on a table and metal hooks to hang on the wall.

Truly unique!

The frame also comes with a graph with the different names of the species in the frame.

  • Species are:
  • Diabroctus Mina (F)
  • Proagoderus Schwaneri (M)
  • Proagoderus Schwaneri (F)
  • Onthophagus sp. x3
  • Catharsius sp. x2
  • Catharsius Molossus (F)
  • Catharsius Molossus (M)
  • Heliocopris Dominus (F)
  • Canthon Fulgidus (F) x2
  • Phanaeus Mexicanus (M)
  • Phanaeus Mexicanus (F)
  • Phanaeus Imperator (M)
  • Phanaeus Imperator (F)

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This unique frame was created with the highest detail and a great collection of different kinds of scarab beetles.

It contains 17 unique specimen.