Real insect curious education box (Chalcosoma Atlas)


A unique curious educational box with a mounted and spread Chalcosoma Atlas. When you open the box, you see an educational sheet with a graphic presentation of the country of origin of the insect. Next to that there is a biological explanation about the species. This Chalcosoma Atlas is A1 quality and spread.

The Atlas beetle (Chalcosoma atlas) belongs to the family ‘Scarabaeidae’. The Atlas beetle is found in southern Asia, particularly Indonesia. It is remarkable for its size which can be between 25 and 145 millimetres. Like many insect species, the male is larger than the female and usually two males will fight for dominance, the winner permitted to mate with the female in question.

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The size of the box 17,1cm x 12cm x 5,6cm created from high density wood board, glass and iron for the lockpins.