Real insect curious education box (Callipogon Armillatus)


A unique curious educational box with a mounted and spread Giant Longhorn Beetle. When you open the box, you see an educational sheet with a graphic presentation of the country of origin of the insect. Next to that there is a biological explanation about the species. This Giant Longhorn Beetle is A1 quality and spread.

Callipogon Armillatus or Giant Longhorn Beetle. A member of the Cerambycidae family this male beetle is characterized by its very long antennae which is usually segemented and also has large mandibles. It is one of the largest beetles in South America and can reach up to 120mm in length. The adults are black and in color, have long antennae, and spines on the thorax which form a collar around the “neck” of the beetle. They have wings and can fly, albeit awkwardly at times. Mature beetles emerge in the summer to mate. Not harmful to humans, but can bite if forced to defend itself. As a root borer the larvae can cause significant damage to the roots of individual trees during its larval phase.

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The size of the box 17,1cm x 12cm x 5,6cm created from high density wood board, glass and iron for the lockpins.