Unique ‘Devil Horns’ Trilobite – Cyphaspis walteri 3.6cm


Devil Horned trilobites are just recently described in Van Viersen & Prescher, 2014!

The trilobite dates from the Devonian Period, 395 to 345 million years old.

This Cyphaspis walteri was found in the beginning of 2016, 35km south of Alnif in Morocco and speaks to the imagination. Pay special attention to the two exceptional spines on the head! The trilobite itself measures 3.6cm

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No easy description are available yet about the Cyphaspis walteri or Devil’s Horn trilobites, except the full scientific description of Van Vriesen. You can read trough this document via following link.

This is truly a unique trilobite with little known about the species so far!