Juvenile trilobite – Drotops armatus – 60 x 28 mm


Large rolled juvenile Drotops armatus from the Eifelium (Lower Devonian) from Jebel Issoumour, near Alnif in Morocco.
Stretched out the Trilobite would have a length of approx. 60 mm and a width of approx. 28 mm.


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Drotops armatus (armatus from the Latin “armātus” meaning armed or fortified) is a species of trilobite from the order Phacopida that lived during the Eifelian of the Middle Devonian. Their fossils are found in Jbel Issoumour, Morocco.

Drotops armatus is similar in appearance to the genus Phacops, albeit much larger. A significant feature of this species is that it has spines protruding from its exoskeleton, presumably to deter predators. D. armatus has an enlarged glabella covered in rounded pustules, and schizochroal eyes which contained multiple lenses.