Framed Trilobite beetle (Platerodrilus ruficollis)


The frame has a size of 15 x 19,5 cm and is foreseen with a stand to put on a table and hooks to hang it on a wall.

The frame is white and made of wood.

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Platerodrilus is a genus of beetles of the family Lycidae. They commonly appear in the literature under the name Duliticola, which is an obsolete junior synonym. The females retain a larval form as adults and are about 40–80 mm in length. The females and larvae have a flattened, dark body with large scales over the head, resembling trilobites, hence the informal names Trilobite beetleTrilobite larva or “Sumatran Trilobite larva”. In contrast, the males are much smaller, 8–9 mm, resembling other beetles. Species are found in tropical rainforests of India and South-east Asia.