Phacops Rana Africana trilobite, Alnif, Morocco – 4,2cm


The matrix with a partially rolled Phacops Rana Africana trilobite. The matrix size measures 6,5 x 5,6 cm. The trilobite itself is 4,2 cm in length (partially rolled up) and has very fine details on the nose and the facets of the eyes.

Found in Hamar Lagdad Limestone formation near Alnif, Morocco.

The object is from the Mid Devon, about 410 – 360 million years old.

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Phacops is a genus of trilobites in the order Phacopida, family Phacopidae, that lived in Europe, northwestern Africa, North and South America and China from the Early until the very end of the Devonian, with a broader time range described from the Late Ordovician. It was a rounded animal, with a globose head and large eyes, and probably fed on detritus. Phacops is often found rolled up, a biological defense mechanism that is widespread among smaller trilobites but further perfected in this genus.