Fine trilobite – Reedops cephalotes hamlagdadianus – 3.9 cm


The trilobite measures 3.9 cm, which makes it a big specimen for the species. It is complete, with many details and beautiful eyes. Superior quality: no scratches, no wear and professional preparation.

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Reedops cephalotes hamlagdadianus from the Devonian – Pragian era. The species comes from Mount Issoumour, near Alnif, Morocco. Mount Issoumour is located southeast of the town of Alnif and can only be reached using a good ATV.

Reedops cephalotes hamlagdadianus belongs to the Phacopida family and lived, along with its cousin Phacops, during the Devonian. Reedops has a longer glabella than Phacops, but is similar to its cousin in many ways and sometimes confused with Phacops.