Magnificent insect mosaic frame with 9 specimen


Frame is made of wood, has a white color and the size is 28,5cm x 23cm and foreseen of a stand to put a table and metal hooks to hang on the wall.

The frame has an unusual depth of 6cm.

Truly unique!

Including a nice graphic with all insects and their names.

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This unique frame was created with the highest detail.

It contains 9 unique specimen, from top to bottom, left to right:

  1. Cyclommatus Canaliculatus
  2. Sternocera Hildebrandti
  3. Phaedimus Zebuanus
  4. Pachyrrhynchus sp.
  5. Batocera Rubus Immaculipennis
  6. Tennebrionidae sp.
  7. Chrysochroa Buqueti
  8. Cyphogastra Javanica
  9. Eupholus Schoenherri Petiti