White wooden frame with real rhinoceros beetle (Xylotrupes gideon gideon)


Unique wooden white frame containing a real rhinoceros beetle (Xylotrupes gideon gideon)

The frame size is 25cm square format, including a plexi frame window. The frame is made from 100% ecological wood.

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Xylotrupes gideon, the brown rhinoceros beetle, is a species of large scarab beetle belonging to the subfamily Dynastinae.

These large, up to 6 cm long, black to dark brown beetles, which are chiefly nocturnal, are most commonly observed in the summer months, particularly around lights. The male is a shiny black with forked horns on head and thorax. The female is a matt black and lacks the horns. Adults make a hissing noise when disturbed. And feed on the soft bark of trees. Mature larvae to 5 cm long are greyish with a dark brown head and are curled into a semi-circle. Usually found in compost or decaying plant material.

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Dimensions 25 × 25 × 33,5 cm