W.J. Gordon – Our Country’s Flowers – 1900


Author: W.J. Gordon
Illustrator: John Allen
Publication year:
Condition: As in photos
Publisher: Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co Ltd.
Pages: 832 p.

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Our Country’s Flowers and How to Know them.
Being A complete Guide to the Flowers and Ferns of Britain.

By W.J. Gordon. Author of Our Country’s Birds, ‘Our Country’s Butterflies and Moths’. Etc.
With an Introduction by the Rev. George Henslow, M.A.
Illustrated by John Allen, with over one Thousand Examples in colour and Outline.

Contents: VII chapters with Local Names, Classification etc. and a few Indices to the Orders, Genere and Species 154 pp.
A total of 33 (original) hand-coloured lithographed illustrations. Frontispiece illustration 1. Illustrations 2 – 33 ‘en bloc’ in the centre of the book.
Very clever and sophisticated book. With a description and coloured images of 509 numbered species.
Index II of 43 pp. with line sketches of the genera to distinguish one genus from another.
Over one thousand coloured and outlined species.