Unique piece of Crocoite from Tasmania, Australia


This great piece of crocoite from Dundas mineral field, Zeehan district, Tasmania, Australia is 4.6cm long. The crocoite is surrounded by lime stone and there are several fully terminated crystals.

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With its beautiful deep orange-red color, Crocoite is a mineral that intrigues collectors. It was first found in Russia and later in other European localities, but only sparingly and in typically small crystals. The Australian discovery on the island of Tasmania took this mineral to a whole new level when large, brilliant, well-formed crystals larger and more abundant than any other localities were found. The original crystals from this discovery yielded phenomenal crystals and aggregates, although excellent material is still coming out of these mines as they are now being mined for specimen production.

Crocoite, originally called “Red Lead Ore,” has several other historical names. Its current recognized name was established by German mineralogist August Breithaupt as “Krokoit”, which has been anglicized to its present name of Crocoite. Its name is derived from the Greek word for saffron, alluding to the color and habit of saffron threads which very much resemble this mineral. Crocoite specimens are generally fragile, and care should be taken when handling.