C. Schaufuss – Calwer’s Käferbuch – 1916


Details: Camillo Schaufuss – Calwer’s Käferbuch. Einführung in die Kenntenis der Käfer Europas – 2 volumes – 1916 – 18 x 26 cm, last and most comprehensive edition, with over 1,000 colour illustrations on 48 plates.

Volume I: 709 pages, with tables I-III,1-20, text figures 1-250
Exterior and interior very good / excellent. interior excellent, stamps on intermiediate pages and titlepages. First few pages out of binding.

Volume II: 681 pages with tables 21-48, text figures 251-254
Exterior and interior very good / excellent. interior / excellent

Most extensive book on European beetles of its time.

Author: C. Gustav Calwer, Camillo Festivius Christian Schaufuss

Publisher : Schweizerbart’sche Verlagsbuchhandlung

Language: German

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Carl Gustav Calwer (1821 in Stuttgart, † 1874 in Stuttgart-Berg) was a German forestry, entomologist and ornithologist.
From this beetle book, which appeared for the first time in 1858, there were six updated editions up to this edition – 1916. The first edition was produced in collaboration with the zoologist and physician Gustav Jäger, who also supervised the post-editions after Calwer’s death in 1874. The more than 1000 beetle drawings from the book are used until today.

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