Framed Polyphylla fullo with illustration & text


Frame size: 22.7 cm x 18.7 cm

White wood and UV protecting glass

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Polyphylla fullo is the largest of the European Melolonthinae, attaining a length of 38 mm. The body is robust and convex and more or less reddish brown or blackish. It is covered with fine white pubescence which forms marbled spots. Like other members of the genus, males possess an enlarged antennal “fan”, which gives a distinctive appearance to these beetles, and gave rise to the scientific name for the genus (Polyphylla = “many leaves”). The adult lives and feed on the foliage of pines, while the larvae live on the roots of grasses and sedges (Graminaceae and Cyperaceae).

The frame comes with a vintage illustration in a separate passe-partout within the frame and a scientific description of the species in French.