Black wooden frame with real Goliath Beetle (Goliathus Orientalis)


Unique black wooden frame containing a real Goliath beetle (Goliathus Orientalis) carefully mounted in the passe-partout of the frame. The frame is completely air-sealed and is 25 x 25cm of high quality wood. It is also 99% UV blocking for preserving the specimen.

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Goliathus orientalis is one of the largest species of the genus Goliathus, with a body length of about 50–100 millimetres (2.0–3.9 in) in males, of about 50–65 millimetres (2.0–2.6 in) in females.

The body is broad and flat. Elytra are whitish with a complex pattern of black markings usually in the form of black rings. Pronotum (thoracic shield) usually shows large black longitudinal stripes or a large black area. This usual pattern may differ greatly in the subspecies. The head bears a black Y-shaped horn in males, used in battles with other males. Legs are long, powerful, black. Despite its large body, these beetles fly well. They have a large and membranous secondary pair of wings. When not in use, these wings are kept completely folded beneath the elytra. These beetles feed primarily on tree sap and fruits.