Set of Exquisite Special Sea Urchins – 33 to 39 mm


Uncommon species of Coelopleurus maillardi (1) and longicollis (1), rare size and exquisitely patterned and coloured. For the aesthetic collector or the sea urchins collector who wishes to add some exceptional to the collection.

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This lot contains 2 extremely large and of exquisite quality specimens of Coelopleurus maillardi (1) and longicollis (1), rarely offered in such quality and size. The genus Coelopleurus only contains only a handful of species but each are always very colourful, usually darker tinged with green, these specimens display an amazing array of colours. The usual diameter for these species averages around 25-30 mm, while these are 33-39 mm, a huge difference, making them very attractive.
The specimens were found near Panglao.