Crotalocephalus gibbus trilobite, Alnif, Morocco – 3cm (rolled up)


This is a matrix with a partially rolled Crotalocephalus gibbus trilobite. The matrix size measures 6,3 x 5 cm. The trilobite itself is 3 cm in length (partially rolled up) and is prepared very well.

Found in Hamar Lagdad Limestone formation near Alnif, Morocco.

The object is from the Mid Devon, about 410 – 360 million years old.

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This genera Crotalocephalina Crotalocephalus gibbus has a nose which looks like a great sperm whale. Along with fine thoracic segments ending laterally each with a spine or pointed termination makes this fossilized arthropod very identifiable as Crotalocephalina Crotalocephalus gibbus. The pygidium spines complete as are the two glabella cheek spines, attached to the cephalon or head shield. It is a slightly less common species of trilobite and therefore quite often wanted by collectors.