Dr Chenu – Encyclopédie D’Histoire Naturelle: Reptiles et Poissons – 1850


Author: Dr. Jean-Charles Chenu
Publication year: 1850
Condition: As in photos
Publisher: Marescq et Compagnie, Gustave Havard, Paris
Pages: 360 p.

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Lovely work by Jean-Charles Chenu, who was a French doctor and naturalist.

The book is nicely embellished with 48 out of text plates and 135 figures on reptiles and fish, including a wealth of knowledge.

Dr Chenu – Encyclopédie d’histoire naturelle ou traité complet de cette science d’après les travaux des naturalistes les plus éminents de tous les pays et de toutes les époques : Buffon, Daubenton, Lacépède, Cuvier, Geoffroy St Hilaire, Latreille, De Jussieu, Brongniart, etc..

Reptiles et Poissons

Book in its original half leather binding, covers in fair condition with some visible tears, spine with 4 raised bands on this quarto copy, lovely gilded motifs and gilded titling on the spine

Inside, the book is in fair condition, adorned with 48 out of text plates, 360 pages, 135 in text figures, two attachment points on the front cover. Solid inside even if it is worth mentioning a partial separation of some plates and the first few pages. Pencil on the margin of the first 13 pages of text; used as a herbarium without any staining;