White crested Hornbill skull – Horizocerus albocristatus – 13 cm


This white crested hornbill skull is well preserved and has a size of 13 cm.

The skull of this species is from a Dutch birding center where the animal had a natural death. No animal was killed specifically for this object.

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The white-crested hornbill (Horizocerus albocristatus), also known as the long-tailed hornbill, is a species of hornbill (family Bucerotidae) found in humid forests of Central and West Africa.

The white-crested hornbill has a large range in West Africa, occurring from southern Sierra Leone, east to Benin including Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, and Togo. It is frequent in parts of its range. Although its population is difficult to estimate, it is not thought to be threatened.