Taxidermy box with 5 beetles (Sagra Buqueti)


Sagra Buqueti or Frog Legged Leaf Beetles, South East Asia, non-CITES species.

The beetles are mounted in a natural wood colored box of 18 cm by 12,5 cm

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Sagra buqueti is a species of beetle belonging to the family Chrysomelidae.

S. buqueti can reach a length of 25–50 mm (0.98–1.97 in). These iridescent, colorful beetles have a striking sexual dimorphism. The males are much larger and have very long and strong hind legs (hence the common name). The basic color is metallic green, with reddish and golden reflections on the elytra. Cocoons of this species can be found in the jungle on climbing vines, specifically kudzu. They have also been captive reared at the Berlin Zoo on sweet potato.