As we pay much attention to nature conservation and supporting ethical projects, we have visited the Merlin Butterfly Sanctuary during our visit in Thailand.

Merlin Butterfly Sanctuary

The butterfly sanctuary is a project setup with IUCN, in collaboration with the Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa. Merlin Beach has established a unique conservation-oriented Butterfly Sanctuary on the resort property itself. Butterflies are essential pollinators for a wide variety of decorative and wild flowering plants, cross-pollinating flowers that are separated by large distances. Over development and the widespread use of pesticides around the world have led to a decrease in the abundance of these charismatic insects, subsequently having an effect on flowering plants. The goal of this project is to augment the wild population of native butterflies by providing the host plants needed for developing caterpillars and the flowering nectar plants that the adult butterflies feed on.

During our stay in this resort, we have supported the sanctuary thoroughly as they have equal ethical standards as we do with our products in the webshop.


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